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Typecrafters: A PVII Page Pack The most Powerful Layout Building Tools for Dreamweaver

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Typecrafters is a collection of 8 gorgeous web pages that you can create with a single click from inside a special interface that runs inside Dreamweaver.

Sticky Columns and more...

We've enhanced most Typecrafters pages with sticky footers and sticky columns—like this one. Scroll the page and this block of content will move down inside the red box.

Choose from 8 Layouts | View Examples

The User Interface

Typecrafters comes with an interface that installs into Dreamweaver, giving you the ability to create fully designed pages instantly!

Typecrafters Menus...

Typecrafters pages come with menus powered by Adaptive Menu Magic (AMM). They are fully functional, responsive, and mobile-friendly. The menu links can be added with the Adaptive Menu Magic interface or manually (covered in user guide). The choice is yours.

The menu is set to fix its position at the top when the page is scrolled and to highlight current-page links. Adaptive Menu Magic is also priority-based. This means that the menu will never wrap to more than a single line. Instead, a dynamic menu item called "More" will be created and any menu items that do not fit in a single row at the root level will be moved to the "More" link as child (drop-down) items. The bottom line is that AMM menus always fit.

Do I need to purchase Adaptive Menu Magic?

No. The menus we deliver in Typecrafters pages are fully functional, and the user guide covers simple menu edits, such as adding or removing links. You should consider purchasing AMM if you'd like the convenience of an automated user interface in which you can customize colors, behaviors, animations, as well as adding an unlimited number of sub-levels with just a few clicks. But we've left that decision up to you. It is not a requirement.

Key Features

Create Fully Designed Pages Instantly

Responsive & Adaptive

Makes Dreamweaver Templates More Powerful

No coding Required

EU Compliant Fonts

Optionally Editable with Harmony Layout Builder


Choose from 8 Page Designs

Mix and Match Page Designs to Create your Dream Site!

Employs CSS Sticky Footers and Columns

And much more...

An Investment in Excellence!

Measured against other tools, PVII Page Packs have no equal. PVII tools make Dreamweaver better.