The Page Helpers Toolkit

The Page Helpers Toolkit includes 5 tools, each with a dedicated user guide:


Extension installer files come in 2 formats: MXP and ZXP. MXPs are supported by Extension Manager versions MX, MX2004, 8, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and CS6. ZXP is supported by versions CS5.5 and higher. To install the complete toolkit, open your Adobe Extension Manager, click the Install icon or link, and then browse to where you unzipped the installer file.

Dreamweaver CC 2015, Dreamweaver 18 (and higher) Installation Information

As of CC 2015, Adobe has ceased to support its own Extension Manager. Use the PVII Extension Manager for Adobe Creative Cloud...

PVII Extension Manager for Adobe CC
( Windows and Mac)

Download and Install Instructions

Accessing the tools

There are 4 ways to access the UI. Choose the one most suitable to your workflow and task. When you open the interface, the system will detect the appropriate mode (Insert or Modify) based on where your cursor is.

1. Right-Click

This method provides the quickest access when using creating a new instance. Simply place your cursor where you want the video, map, calendar, or navigation bar to be, and right-click.

2. Insert Panel

Use the Insert Bar or Panel when modifying a video, calendar, or map, as Dreamweaver takes over the right-click menu for those types of objects.

3. Insert Bar

For both the Insert Panel and Insert Bar, switch to the HTML Toolkits Category for access to the icons.

4. Insert Menu

Support Options

Before making a support inquiry, please be certain to have read the documentation that came with your product. Please include your Order Number, Dreamweaver version, as well as your computer operating system type in all support correspondence.

Support Forum

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E-Mail and Phone Support


Phone: (336) 374-4611

Phone hours are 9:00am - 5:00pm Eastern Time U.S.