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Breadcrumb Builder

PVII HTML Toolkit: Breadcrumb Builder The most Powerful Page Building Tools for Dreamweaver

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The Breadcrumb Builder provides the ability to automatically generate a Breadcrumb trail on any page that is using a typical list-based (<ul>) navigation system. The Breadcrumb trail can be placed anywhere on your page and can be easily modified at any time.

The links in the above Breadcrumb are suppressed for demo purposes. These would load the page that is linked in ther nav on your actual site.


A typical breadcrumb trail will present a linear path to the current page in a hierarchical fashion, with active links to each main site area.


Breadcrumb Levels


The Breadcrumb Builder works in conjunction with the navigation system on the page and uses the menu hierarchy to create the breadcrumb trail. The trail will reflect the current page and all of its parent links in the menu. The Breadcrumb builder can be used with any of our menu systems as well as any other menu that is based on unordered list markup (<ul> <li>).

Key Features

Works with your existing menu system

All PVII menus and all unordered list based menus are supported

Automated current location text with 5 text source options

Choose from 9 pre-defined separator styles

Optional root link (Home page)

Supports URL parameters and page anchors in links

Breadcrumb Marker utility for pages that are not in your site navigation

Choose from 18 link and hover color styles

Works with Dreamweaver Templates

Supports multiple Breadcrumbs on the same page

No coding required

and much more

The User Interfaces

Breadcrumb Builder Interface

Breadcrumb User Interface

Marker Utility Interface

Marker Utility

Measured against other tools, PVII Extensions have no equal. We make Dreamweaver better.