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Quickly create and manage simple or complex CSS grids

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We make the grid - you save the time!

Quick Grid Magic (QGM) is a Dreamweaver extension that allows you to add multiple row/column CSS Grid structures to an existing page or inside a panel widget in just a few seconds -with markup and CSS that is clean, efficient, and easy to understand.

Quick Grid Magic is all about speed...

The QGM system is designed to allow you to quickly create simple or complex grids. In less than a minute you can have a fully functional, fully styled, row/column grid construct on your page!

Explore all of the options and settings in the QGM User Guide...

Modern CSS Grids

QGM leverages the power of the modern CSS Grid specification to allow you to easily create and manage the grid structure. Create one row or multiple row column structures, complete with styling, all within the user interface... No Coding Needed!


We make Dreamweaver better

Project Seven (PVII) extensions automate the process of creating and managing your site

Project Seven has been making Dreamweaver extensions and plugins since 1998, when we released the first ever commercial Dreamweaver page design extensions.

Important features common to all of our products...

Cinema-quality animations


No coding required

SEO and screen reader friendly

Convenient interfaces inside Dreamweaver

Maximize the power of Dreamweaver templates

And much more...


All products are adaptive, responsive, and mobile friendly. PVII products work in the latest Creative Cloud Dreamweaver versions CC 2019 and CC 2020, CC 2021, as well as in older versions, such as CS6, CS5, CS4, and even CS3.

Build your dream menu in seconds, then use our interface to manage and style your menu at any time. Add, remove, and re-order menu items at will.

Panel and Sliders

Animation tools, page widgets

The ultimate widgets for Dreamweaver make it easy to add interactive life to your page.

Page building tools

HTML Toolkits

PVII page building tools are written from the ground up to give you total control. No coding required!

Graphics (galleries, and more)

Show your art masterfully. Choose from full gallery tools to engaging rotators. And for those really creative times, you won't want to miss our background effects tools. Undecided? Click the links above to go to a product's home page where you will be able to view live example pages!

Automated page packs

Create modern, responsive pages with a few mouse clicks. PVII page packs are powerful tools you can use for rapid deployment. We make Dreamweaver better.

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All of our products will work perfectly in the latest Dreamweaver CC 2021

For extension installation be sure to download the latest version of Extension Manager for CC

Extension Installation

Our extensions work in all versions of Dreamweaver - from MX2004 to the latest Creative Cloud versions including CC 2021. While older versions of Dreamweaver have their own extension managers, Creative Cloud subscribers will need to install a third party extension manager.


Keeping your skills sharp and current is always a good idea. Learn at your own pace with PVII tutorials.

Latest product updates

Our most recent product updates. PVII product updates are always free, so do make sure you have the latest version installed. To check your version, open your extension manager. Note the version number and compare it to the ones listed here.

A brief history of us

In case you're interested, we have a history

Cool art is like a wall hanging

We've been making Dreamweaver extensions (Plug-Ins/Add-Ons) since 1998. In fact, we pioneered commercial plug-ins for Dreamweaver. The company was founded in 1997 by Al Sparber and Gerry Jacobsen— former corporate executives and long-time friends. The team also includes 16 professional code sleuths (beta testers), most of whom have been with us for years helping to ensure that our products meet exacting quality standards—before they are released. When you buy a PVII extension you are buying a product that is ready for any browser, gets you great SEO, is accessible, standards-based, and that comes with a level of refinement that is simply unsurpassed.

Support and Stuff

We're known for excellent support. Please take advantage of that fact when the need arises.

Thank you for using or considering to use Project Seven tools for Dreamweaver.

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